Goodbye 2011 - Hello 2012!

I just want to share with you some of my favorite outfits from 2011. On that note, I want to wish you a Happy New Years. I hope 2012 is everything that you wish and more. Thank you for making 2011 so special for me, it's been an AMAZING year! xoxo

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Solo quiero compartir con ustedes algunas de mis fotos favoritas del 2011 y aprovechar para desearles un Feliz Año Nuevo. Que el 2012 este lleno de bendiciones, salud, amor, paz, felicidad y trabajo. Espero que este año que viene sea el mejor. Mil gracias por hacer del 2011 un año muy especial para mi, ha sido MARAVILLOSO. Las adoro, besitos muy fashion.

Labor Day Weekend "Outfits"

Images via Polivore

I can't believe Labor Day weekend is here ... time really flies.  It seems like I just celebrated my birthday (May 27) not long ago! Many of you will probably go away for the weekend or have a few things planned. So, I created two outfits that you could wear to the beach or a pool party (above) and to a BBQ, wine tasting, or a get together (below).   I know sometimes it's really hard to pick an outfit when there's so much going on, but just try to relax and have fun! I hope you like the outfits I created and they inspire you to create your own!

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Este fin de semana es mas largo que de costumbre en los Estados Unidos, ya que tenemos el Lunes libre....yeeeee! Por lo que mucha gente se va de viaje o tiene varios eventos que acudir. Por eso quise crear dos "outfits" para este fin de semana festivo.  El de arriba, como te puedes dar cuenta, es para ir a la playa o la piscina.  El "outfit" de abajo lo puedes usar para salir con tus amigas, tu novio, tu esposo, para ir a una parrillada etc (barbacoa).  Espero que te gusten estos "outfits" y que te inspiren a crear tu propio look

Images via Polyvore

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Fashionable Flat Sandals under $50!!!

One of my favorite summer outfits is pairing a dress with flat sandals.  They are definitely a key piece every woman must own, especially if you want to be comfortable and still look stylish. There are plenty of fabulous styles out there such as: gladiator, metallic, animal print, strappy, stone embellished etc.  So, you don’t have to stick to high heels to look sexy anymore.  A great pair of flat sandals might do the trick. I used to always wear high heels, but since I hurt my back, I live in my favorite Sam Edelman sandals, I have three pairs and I can’t get enough of them. I even carry an extra pair in my car.

The great thing about flat sandals is that they are practical and can be worn with a dress, a skirt, a pair of shorts or even jeans; the options are endless.  You can also wear a fancier pair with a dress at night.

Here are some flat sandals that I found that are chic and at the same time don’t break the bank. I am all about a good bargain and as you can tell there are very cute ones for less than $50!   So, tell me which one is your favorite?  I like the “naughty monkey” ones. I may have to get them, because right now they are on sale!

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Definitivamente este verano tienes que tener por lo menos un par de sandalias bajas en tu closet (armario).  Ya que no solo son cómodas sino que van super bien con vestidos, faldas, jeans, shorts, etc; hay muchas opciones.  Incluso para salir en la noche te puedes poner un par que sea más elegante, combinarlo con un vestido y asunto arreglado.

Asi que no solo tienes que usar tacos para verte sexy, unas sandalias de tiritas, metalicas, de estilo gradiador o con piedras podrian ser el toque perfecto que estabas buscando.  Te cuento que antes siempre usaba tacos altos, pero últimamente no hago más que usar sandalias, las de Sam Edelman son mis preferidas.

Aquí te muestro algunas sandalias que encontré, son bonitas  y no son tan caras.  No hay nada como encontrar cosas en oferta y sobre todo si cuestan menos de $50.  ¿Y a ti que sandalia te gusta?  Yo creo que me voy a tener que comprar las de “naughty monkey” quedarian perfectas con unos shorts o una mini.

Back in my Cargo Pants!

I have been loving cargo pants for a long time. As a matter of fact I have a few of them from years ago.  When I saw that they were “back” in style I wanted to grab a new pair that was looser around the hips and skinny at the bottom so I could wear them with heels.  I didn’t find the exact one I was looking for, but this one was close enough.  I love pulling them down so they sit on my hips, especially when I am not feeling too skinny.

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Los pantalones cargo o estilo militar me han gustado desde hace años, son cómodos y versátiles. Por eso      cuando me di cuenta de que volvían a estar de moda, estaba feliz de la vida.  Quería encontrar unos que fueran más anchos arriba y pegaditos abajo para usarlos con tacones altos.  No encontré los que estaba buscando, pero estos de Zara me gustaron mucho.

As you will learn through the course of my blog, I always like to add color to my outfits, and I figured that a striped red and white top would go perfect with the army green.

Como iras dándote cuenta en el transcurso de mi blog, me fascina vestirme con colores, no soy de esas personas que solo se visten con colores oscuros.   Por eso me puse un top de rayas rojas y blancas para que los pantalones resalten más.

I also put on a studded belt to add some toughness to the outfit and grabbed a blazer –I think everybody should own one; they go with everything – just in case it got chilly at night.

Le agregue una correa (cinturón) negra y un saco (americana) en caso de que haga un poco de frio en la noche.

I decided to wear my Steve Madden black pumps too.  They have to be one of the most comfortable pair of heels I owe, trust me. Ever since I hurt my back I can't wear heels like I used to. If anything, I wear them for a little bit and then I  have to switch to flats.

Para completar mi "look" me puse estos tacos (tacones) negros de Steve Madden, unas pulseras y este anillo que me fascina.

To finish the look I grabbed my black Jimmy Choo clutch! I think it was definitely a great investment since I wear it all the time and is one of my favorite pieces.

Por supuesto antes de salir no podía faltar mi bolso de mano de Jimmy Choo, que es uno de mis preferidos!

Pictures by Garry

Can I just tell you that I am NOT comfortable taking pictures, especially when I have to pose hahaha. I should ask my bff Monica to teach me how to do it! I felt really bad for my boyfriend because I literally just laughed the whole time he was trying to take pictures.  Of course I didn’t post the pictures of me laughing because I looked like a clown.  Hopefully as time goes by I will start feeling more comfortable in front of the camera!

Te soy sincera, no me gusta tomarme fotos, especialmente cuando tengo que posar y ni sé cómo hacerlo, jajaja.  Pobrecito mi enamorado (novio), por más que trataba de tomarme fotos yo estaba atacada de la risa. Ojala con el paso del tiempo me acostumbre más!

What I am wearing:

Welcome to Flor de Maria Fashion


Since this is my first post I want to welcome you to “Flor de Maria Fashion”.  In this blog you will find everything that has to do with fashion & style. I think that knowing what looks good on you and presenting yourself in the best possible way is very important.  I believe that it can help you in many aspects of your life.

One of the reasons I decided to start a fashion & style blog is because I have enjoyed helping many people with their wardrobe and image. So, I thought: “Why not start a fashion & style blog where I can share ideas, give you tips, show you the latest trends, take you behind the scenes and give you an insight look into the fashion world? ”.

Ever since I can remember I have been very passionate about fashion.  When I was little I used to design my clothes and then tell the tailor exactly what I wanted done, from the fabric, to the color, to the fitting.  Dressing up was my favorite past time, and it still is! I have put my heart and soul into creating this blog, I hope that you enjoy the ride and find inspiration from my posts.

I want to thank the following people,

  • My family and Itziar for helping me stay focused and not give up.
  • My boyfriend Garry for believing in me and pushing me to do this even when I was scared to do it.
  • Last but not least I want to thank Carla Ivette Yashiro and Cherie Del Carlo from “Gather Your Crowd” for helping me put together my blog. They are such talented ladies and I am glad I trusted them with my new “baby”.
  • And my “Queens” for telling me I can do this!

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Como éste es mi primer artículo, quiero darte la bienvenida a mi mundo: “Flor de María Fashion”. En este blog encontrarás todo lo relacionado con el maravilloso mundo de la moda.  A través de los años me he dado cuenta de que es muy importante saber lo que te queda bien y además presentar una buena imágen al mundo, ya que te puede ayudar en muchos aspectos de tu vida.

Una de las razones por las que decidí empezar este blog de moda y estilo es porque muchas personas  siempre han querido saber dónde compro mi ropa y cómo la combino.  Además en el transcurso de los años he ayudado a muchas personas con su imágen. Por lo tanto pensé: “¿Por qué no crear un blog donde pueda expresar y compartir con todos mis ideas sobre moda y estilo ? ”.

Recuerdo que desde que era chiquita me ha encantado la moda y siempre he querido tener mi propio estilo.  De  niña diseñaba mi ropa y luego iba donde  la costurera para que me lo hiciera todo a mi gusto, incluyendo el color, la tela y el diseño.  La moda me apasiona, me hipnotiza, me tienta.  Espero que mi blog "Flor de Maria Fashion" te inspire tanto como me inspira a mi.