Grey Romper


Romper: Topshop HERE Bag: c/o Just Fab Shoes: c/o Just Fab

Hi Queens, sorry for not posting the past few days but if you follow me on Instagram you know I was super busy! I just got back to the Bay Area last night and I'm exhausted. About the outfit, I wore this to go to the Empire State, it's always one of my favorite things to do in New York. It just inspires me and this time was NO different!  I wore a biker jacket because it was a lil chilly. It's so weird but it wasn't hot and humid like usual. I hope you like the outfit queens :-)

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Hola mis Queens, mil disculpas que no he subido ninguna fotito pero si me siguen en Instagram saben que he estado a mil. Acabo de regresar al Area de la Bahia anoche y estoy super cansada pero dije, de hoy no paso. Les cuento que me puse este outfit para visitar el Empire State, siempre me encanta ir ya que me lleno de inspiración. Me puse esta chaqueta por que estaba haciendo un poco de frío, lo cual es super raro para Nueva York en esta época. Buenos mis queens, espero les guste este look :-)

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That was a fake tattoo ... I drew it with an eyeliner but I got the real thing before I left New York :-)