Chichen Itza

When I went to Mexico I went Chichen Itza and it was one of my favorite places to visit. I can't even describe the feeling of being there surrounded by so much history. Our day started early, five in the morning to be exact, because we had to catch a ferry from Isla Mujeres to Cancun, then a taxi that would take us to our bus stop for Chichen Itza. The bus ride was about two hours, but it went by quick because they were explaining to us what we were about to see. As soon as I got there I was overwhelmed by emotion not sure if it was the energy, the people, the history, the company or a mix of all but I felt so alive and happy! It was if I was just enjoying the moment, which is very hard to do, sometimes. It was also very HOT so I tried to wear the least amount of clothes and still look stylish. If you visit Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Isla Mujeres I highly recommend you visiting Chichen Itza. It is something that I will remember all my life!

Spanish – Español

Disclosure: Part of this trip was sponsored by Isla Mujeres Palace Resorts.