elizabeth and james crochet sandals

It's all about the Layers

I hope you had a great weekend! I hang out with my boyfriend and finally took some pictures.  On friday we went to eat at one of my favorite restaurants and then headed to H&M. I didn't find anything I loved. Well,  just the "fur" hat that I am thinking on getting! Do I look a like a wolf? hahaha. I literally put this outfit together in less than 2 minutes, nothing special - just comfortable.  I actually wanted to wear this Elizabeth and James sandals, so I decided to build the outfit around them.  Plus, it matched perfect with the wall we picked for our "mini" photo shoot!

Spanish – Español

Espero que hayas tenido un lindo fin de semana, yo la pase muy bien. Te cuento que estuve con mi enamorado todo el fin, así que aproveche para que me tomara estas fotos.  El viernes fuimos a almorzar y luego a H&M. Lamentablemente no encontre nada que me gustara, solo este gorro de piel, que estoy pensando en comprarmelo. Parezco una loba no? jajajaja.  Este outfit no es nada del otro mundo, la verdad es que me demore menos de 2 minutos en escogerlo, solo queria estar comoda y ponerme estas sandalias rojas de Elizabeth and James.

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Spanish – Español

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