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Hi Queens!!! How was your weekend? Mine was just perfect! Watched a lot of football, went shopping for a client, went to the gym, went to church and then worked some more. Today was another busy day. I had a meeting with Ebay about a fun project that will start in a few weeks :-) Off to bed now. Well, at least try to get some sleep!

By the way did I tell you I was featured on Marie Claire Spain? :-) (happy dance and some singing haha)

Spanish – Español

Hola mis Queens!!! Como estuvo su fin de semana? Yo la pase muy bien. Fui al gimnasio, de compras para una cliente, trabaje un poco, fui a misa y vi mucho fútbol americano. Hoy fue otro dia super ocupado, tuve una reunion con Ebay acerca de un proyecto super divertido, en dos semanitas les cuento de que se trata :-) Bueno, ahora como dijo Topo Gigio a la camita jajaa.

Antes que se me olvide, les conte que sali en Marie Claire de España :-) Super contenta!


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