Miss Universe 2012 - Backstage

I just got back from Vegas after covering Miss Universe. As you know Miss USA, Olivia Culpo, was crowned Miss Universe 2012 on Wednesday. It was an incredible experience to be one of the few people that got invited to be backstage and to cover this big event! I was able to talk to a few of the contestants before the pageant began and they were all so sweet, beautiful and down to earth. Well, Miss Colombia did not want to have her picture taken before having her hair done, but she was the only one, and I kind of understand her. I can't wait to share with you all their tips on Cosmo for Latinas next week!

If you follow me on social media you know I said Miss Venezuela, Miss Mexico, Miss Puerto Rico and Miss USA would be in the finals - I did good huh?  I honestly thought Miss Venezuela or Miss Mexico would take the crown. Why did I think that? Because I spent most of my time talking and examining both contestants and they were the ones that took my breath away. Not only were they beautiful, classy with charisma but knew how to work the crowd. I think Miss Venezuela lost the crown after that "answer" that nobody understood. What I still don't know is WHY did she have to answer in English?  I also think Miss Mexico didn't make it into the finals after wearing that horrible red dress, it looked like a bathing suit with a big skirt.  According to the judges, Miss USA seemed to have everything that the other girls were lacking. I had a chance to speak to Miss USA, Olivia Culpo, before the pageant and she was very sweet and was still trying to figure out what color lipstick to wear. I did LOVE her dress!

Spanish - Español

Acabo de regresar de Las Vegas después de cubrir Miss Universo. Como ya saben, Miss Estados Unidos, Olivia Culpo fue coronada como la nueva Miss Universo 2012. Realmente fue una experiencias inolvidable, ya que fui una de las pocas personas que estuvo backstage antes de que arranque este concurso. Alli tuve la oportunidad de hablar con casi todas las participantes, las cuales ademas de ser guapísimas, fueron bastante amables y dulces. Bueno, Miss Colombia fue la única que pidió no ser fotografiada sin estar con el cabello arreglado, lo cual en parte pude entender.

Si me siguen en las redes sociales saben que dije que Miss Venezuela, Miss Mexico, Miss Puerto Rico y Miss Estados Unidos serian finalistas. ¿Me fue bien no? Pero la verdad es que yo pensé que Miss Venezuela o Miss Mexico se llevarían la corona. Y es que ni bien las vi y hable con ellas dije, una de las dos gana. Yo creo que Venezuela perdió la corona luego de la respuesta que dio. Hasta ahora no entiendo que dijo y por que no contesto en Español. También pienso que Mexico no paso a las finales por ese vestido atroz que llevo, parecía una ropa de baño con una falda encima. Al parecer para los jueces Miss Estados Unidos tenia todo lo que las otras participantes no tenían. Tengo que admitir que Miss USA lucia espectacular y tenia mucha carisma también.

I want to thank M.A.C. Cosmetics for an unforgettable experience and making this happen! Thank you Jennifer and Amara, you girls ROCK!!!