Huffington Post Interview

I want to share with you an interview that I did with the Huffington Post! Sometimes I have to pinch myself for all the amazing opportunities. I thank God every day for all my blessings. If you want to get to know me better and for those of you that ask me how I got started, keep on reading :-)

Sending social media feeds in a fashionable frenzy; Flor de Maria Rivera continues to deliver her trendy spin on modern attire. Mixing affordable apparel with high end fashion, she inspires her fans to mix and match existing pieces with bold, colorful accessories. Nothing out of the ordinary for a fashionista but what you would never guess is that this Modern Mujer wasn't always in the spotlight for her wardrobe... can we say Sportsinista? You heard that right; the former sports anchor was dishing the play by play for California natives in true fabulous fashion. Before transitioning into our go-to Fashion gal, Flor worked her way up the ranks at notable Latino networks reporting the daily play by play.

Born and raised in Peru, childhood ambitions swayed her attention towards a career in television. At the tender age of 14 her family uprooted and moved to sunny California. He struggle with society shock helped fuel Flor to improve and exceed those cultural diversities. Raised in Los Gatos, she felt disconnected from her rich Latino roots and utilized tutors to adapt to the language. "I am very passionate. I knew this was home now and I had to bring my world to this new place." Comfortably adjusting to the California lifestyle, Flor graduated college and pursued a career in journalism. Interning at Telemundo was just a stepping stone for this eager anchor. When the opportunity arose to fill in for a sports anchor, the eager intern jumped and set the pace for her career. With years of practice speaking into a broom handle, Flor managed to land an exclusive interview with Jorge Campos and began to turn heads immediately. The Mexican soccer star's interview made its way to the station news director calling Flor front and center acknowledging her tenacious work ethic and asked her if she was interested in being a sports producer, obviously she said yes. Feverishly working around the clock to educate her on the lingo, style of reporting and even sports itself helped move Flor move from intern to star. Shadowing sports reporters, volunteering and a lot of off-time homework helped her reach her goal as an on-air personality and placed her in homes throughout the Northern California. Becoming a household name on Latin television while still in her early 20's was just one of her many accomplishments.

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