Hello, Snow!

You probably read on Facebook and Twitter that I went to Connecticut this weekend. Sometimes it feels great to get away from the city. I went to visit my friend and we had so much fun. It was snowing, so I decided to wear flats boots, at least during the day :-)

Spanish - Español

Seguro leiste en Facebook y Twitter que fui a Connecticut este fin de semana a vistiar a una de mis amigas. La pasamos super bien a pesar de la nieve. Y como ves, hasta me puse botas chatas, por la nieve. Aunque igual use tacones en la noche :-)

Thank you for the pics L.W.

What I'm wearing:

  • Sweater: c/o Kenzie via Macy's
  • Vest: Borrowed from my friend
  • Jeans: c/o Lulus
  • Watch: c/o Toy Watch
  • Boots: c/o Alberto Fermani