Flor "The Lobster" - Flor "La Camarona"

As you can tell by the pictures I got sunburned in Miami. I mean who else stays at the beach for nine hours? When Dany from Nany's Klozet saw me she called me Flor "the lobster" haha. Actually I have not been this sunburned since I went to Acapulco in 2002. It's so bad that my poor feet are swollen :-( I've been putting aloe vera non-stop but it's still so painful. Do you have any suggestions to soothe the pain?

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Como se daran cuenta por las fotos, me queme horrible en Miami. Como diria Dany de Nany's Klozet soy Flor "la camarona" jajaja. No, en serio la ultima vez que me queme asi de feo fue en Acapulco, en ese entonces hasta los labios se me hincharon. La verdad es que es horrible porque me cuesta hasta estar sentada y olvidense ... cuando me toca dormir, es FATAL. Estoy a punta de aloe vera y hielo. ¿Ustedes que me recomiendan que haga para que baje la quemazon?

Carmen from Viva Fashion and I after our Fashion Forward Latinas workshop! I will share all the pictures of the event with you tomorrow :-)

What I'm wearing:

  • Dress: Boutique in NYC
  • Shoes: Aldo
  • Bracelets: H&M