Calm after the Storm ...

Things are starting to get back to normal in New York City. At least, where I live we finally got the power and water back. It's surreal to see the city that never sleeps so quiet. Hurricane Sandy has reminded me not to take anything for granted, to be grateful for every day, to enjoy every single second of my life, to appreciate the little things, to learn that the people that I least expected were the ones there, to stay in the present, to love the people that love me and especially that we don't have control over anything .. so we might as well just enjoy the moment! I am grateful for good people in my life, especially one in particular, who lend me a hand when I needed it most. Thank you for letting me stay with you :-) Praying for all the people that are suffering because of Sandy.

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Gracias a Dios las cosas estan volviendo a la normalidad en Nueva York. Al menos por donde yo vivo, ya regreso la luz y el agua. La verdad es que es muy triste ver a una ciudad con tanta energia como Nueva York en silencio. Este huracan me volvio a recordar de darle gracias a Dios todos los dias por tantas bendiciones que me da, de gozar cada segundo de mi vida ya que no sabemos que vaya a pasar después, de disfrutar las cosas pequeñas, que a veces la gente que menos esperamos es la que te da una mano y de amar a la gente que me ama. Sigo rezando por toda la gente que sufrio las consecuencias de este huracan, que Dios los bendiga.

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